Granite and quartzite tops are the examples of unique beauty of the works of nature.

Absolutely beautiful. Absolutely eternal.

Stone is the oldest and a highly durable material. Artists of the past often chose stone as a material for their architecture or sculpture, therefore we have been able to appreciate their works for centuries. Antiques of Greece and Rome or even Babylon can be witnessed today. The beauty of the structure extracted from the Earth is always unparalleled.

As early as in the 19th century people began to manufacture synthetic stones and stone conglomerates. They possess beauty and performance characteristics. Great granits or sophisticated quartzites surprise with the variety and colours. Elegant coolness empowers any interior with chic. Stone tops embedded on steel, shiny frames of tables and benches can surely be called a perfect combination. Aesthetics and functionality are the benefits as steel furniture with stone tops may be taken advantage of in elegant interiors of homes, hotels and restaurants. spolka z o.o. [Ltd.]

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