Let us introduce you to our unique offer of stone and steel furniture.

In our collections of stylish tables and chairs you will find both modern design with its straight lines and proportions as well as timeless, classic designs of bent furniture.

Discreet elegance or bold, avantgarde forms? No matter which style you choose, with our designer furniture your living space will acquire remarkable beauty and taste.

| Ludwik

Ludwik collection refers to classical French design but is very modern at he same time, through its simplicity and minimalism. Although the design utilises strong materials as stone and steel its fluid, bent forms give our furniture a feeling of lightness and subtlety. Tabetops made of granite and quartzite ensure that our collection is remarkably durable and easy to care. Collection consists of cocktail table, coffee table, tv table in two heights and dining tables.


| Boston

Boston furniture collection was designed in reference to classical style - straight lines of stone tabletops and fluid shapes of stainless steel legs. Our furniture look great in both high gloss and satin finishes. Boston collection's stylish tables will be a perfect addition to luxurious interiors. Tables with Absolut Black granite tabletops are particularly elegant and will fit every modern interior. Boston collection consists of cocktail table, coffee table, tv table in two heights and dining tables.


| London

Collection based on eclectic combination of modern steel and classical ornaments, referring to Greek the meander motif. This extraordinary design will complement glam-style interiors. Wide range of available tabletop colours will allow to find a perfect match for every design, from Starlight White quartzite through beige of Harmonia Velasco, up to Absolut Black granite. London collection consists of cocktail table, coffee table, tv table in two heights and dining tables.


| Verona

Tables of Verona collection are a modern take on classical design. Decorative elements in the form of meanders and straight lines of legs and stone tabelops bring to mind monumental style of antique Greece. This designer furniture will be a great addition to glamour living room. Verona tables look great with tabletops made of Harmonia Velasco quartzite, which thanks to its properties is also remarkably durable. Collection consists of cocktail table, coffee table, tv table in two heights and dining table in different sizes.


| Paris

Paris collection is a mix of classic and modern. Through the combination of curving legs and straight, sharp lines of frameworks and countertops, Paris furniture's design becomes universal. It will fit every interior, bringing it uniqueness and elegance. Thanks to stainless steel and natural stone it is not only aesthetic but also easy to take care of. Paris collection consists of dining table in varying sizes, cocktail table, coffee table and tv table in two heights. Paris collection differ from Ludwik collection in the shape of framework.


| Bryan

In this collection you will find stylish tables designed with modern interiors in mind. Simple, steel framework perfectly matches smooth surfaces of stone tabletops. Choosing a light coloured stone like Crystal Diamond quartzite will emphasize the fluid transition between elements made of different materials. Straight forms of our tables will match not only contemporary, minimalistic interior designs, but combined with high gloss finish and home decor accessories, will perfectly fit a glam style living room.


| Orlando

Orland is our most exclusive furniture collection. It is the essence of glamour style - classic elegance and flowing forms. Good example is the tv table with is extraordinarily shaped tabletop, crafted with high precision water-jet cutting process. Equally beautiful are Orlando collection's chairs with quilted upholstery, coffee tables coming in rectangular and round shapes, cocktail tables and different size dining tables. A set of Orlando furniture will bring your interiors a real sense of elegance and chic.


| Modena

Modena is a unique furniture collection that embodies grandeur and monumentality. Collection is based on geometric shapes that underline strength and solidity of materials that were used to create it. Every room with Modena furniture will become elegant and unique. Modena's design perfectly complements contemporary or minimalistic interiors. Collection consists of dining table in varying sizes, cocktail table, coffee table, tv table in two heights.


| Nathan

Designer furniture from Nathan collection attract attention with its minimalistic form. Their characteristic feature is design with two tabletops. It allows to combine tabletops from different stones with different colours like white Crystal Diamond and Absolut Black and to create contrast. Geometric motifs of Nathan table collection will perfectly fit contemporary interiors.


| Premier

Premier is a collection of beautiful chairs that complement our tables offer. They are particularly elegant and stylish and on top of that very comfortable and stable, thanks to its high back and soft seat. Premier chair's upholstery can be chosen from 9 colour variants of velour and two colour variants of faux leather. Such a wide range of available colours allows to use our chairs with any interior design. Premier collection with its curved legs matches well with shapes used in Boston, London, Ludwik and Paris tables collections.


| Luxury

Luxury is our collection of stylish chairs that perfectly match our other collections of tables to create elegant and glamorous interiors. Luxury's chairs stand out with their beautiful designed slick legs, elegant back with oval cut-out and braided adornment at the top of the chair. All those element combined create remarkably fluid and subtle form. Luxury chairs are made of polished steel and are available in black, silver, dark grey, milky, light blue and brown colours in velour upholstery. Faux leather upholstery is available in white and blue.


| Louis

Stylish chairs from Louis collection are prized among clients looking for both elegance and usability. Modern design, in the form of an oval back of the chair and slick legs, gives an impression of subtlety and lightness. Louis chair's upholstery is available in many colour variations. Faux leather upholstery imitating crocodile scales is available in white and black, while velour upholstery is available in black, silver, dark silver, and dark grey colours. Velour also comes with two types of quilting: crystal-shaped and buttoned. Utilised materials are not only aesthetic but also very durable.

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